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To have an appropriate self-sustaining fish population
Address fish passage so fish can access appropriate habitats
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Investigate options for improved water management techniques Proposed Beult View
Research alternatives to sluice board and water management Proposed Beult View
The river should support a mosaic of habitats with high biodiversity value
Eradicate and control Invasive non-native flora
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Develop a network of volunteers to monitor Invasive Non-Native Species. Proposed Beult View
Delivery of a three year Invasive Non-Native Species programme across the Medway catchment. Proposed Beult View
Improve condition and biodiversity of riparian areas
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Identify locations for riparian habitat creation in partnership with landowners Proposed Beult View
Develop a monitoring programme for restoration projects Proposed Beult View
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Raise awareness of pollution sources Proposed Beult View
Habitat restoration to help achieve Good Ecological Potential in the Hammer Stream Proposed Beult View
To restore the river to a more naturally functioning watercourse
Enhance river hydromorphology and biodiversity
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Delivery of river restoration on the Hammer Stream Beult View
Review the River Beult Water Level Management Plan Proposed Beult View
Environment Agency and Natural England have produced a draft SSSI restoration plan for the river between Steven's bridge to Bell Lane. Planned Beult View