The Partnership

Who We Are

Catchment Partnership Action, River Eden © Kent Wildlife Trust

Catchment Partnership Action, River Eden © Kent Wildlife Trust
Catchment Partnership Action, River Eden © Kent Wildlife Trust
The Medway Catchment Partnership is made up of individuals and representatives from organisations that have an interest in the health of the River Medway and its tributaries – and the many benefits associated with having an environment rich in biodiversity and recreational opportunities.

The Medway catchment is affected by a number of problems which reduce the value of the water environment. Human occupation and activities have impacted the river through pollution, channel modification and development in the wider catchment. Aspects of these problems, such as flooding, can have serious consequences for many homes, businesses and organisations.

The Medway Catchment Partnership brings together long established sub-catchment groups which work across the wider catchment. Hosted by the South East Rivers Trust and the Kent Countryside Management Partnerships, the group is strongly supported by the Kent Wildlife Trust, Kent County Council, Natural England and the Environment Agency. Members include representatives from the angling community, canoeists and the three water companies that serve the catchment: Southern Water, South East Water and SES Water. In addition to supplying water and waste treatment services, the water companies deliver farm advice in partnership with Natural England, to help reduce pollution from pesticide use and poor soil management. At present, much of their focus is on reducing or preventing metaldehyde (contained in slug pellets) reaching the river and, from there, into the water supply chain. Other members of the Catchment Partnership include Tunbridge Wells BC, Tonbridge and Malling BC, the agricultural community, represented by the National Farmers Union, and landowners, represented by the Countryside Landowners Association.

The Partnership meets quarterly, with more frequent meetings between the hosts and key stakeholders, to discuss how to prioritise and deliver projects aimed at safeguarding this valuable asset at the heart of the ‘Garden of England’.

For more information, please contact the Catchment Officer for the Medway at the South East Rivers Trust.


Catchment Partnership Action, River Eden © Chloe Sadler