Medway Valley Countryside Partnership

Medway Valley Countryside Partnership is the local host for the Middle Medway sub-catchment and Beult sub-catchment. MVCP also delivers the Invasive Non Native Species control programme for the Medway catchment.
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Medway Partnership actions tagged by Medway Valley Countryside Partnership

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To improve water quality
Improve awareness and understanding of water quality
Sub catchment Status
Raise awareness of point source pollution from domestic and small scale sources Middle Medway Proposed View
To have communities that enjoy, engage with and protect the river
Ensure the river is well-valued and understood by the local community
Sub catchment Status
Offer events and provide educational content on rivers to local people to increase their engagement with their local river and improve their awareness of the most important issues facing water management and the River Medway: Upper Medway Active View
Deliver engagement events through 'Love Your River' days Eden Active View
The river should support a mosaic of habitats with high biodiversity value
Improve condition and biodiversity of riparian areas
Sub catchment Status
Identify locations for riparian habitat creation in partnership with landowners Beult Proposed View
To have an appropriate self-sustaining fish population
Address fish passage so fish can access appropriate habitats
Sub catchment Status
Improve fish passage within the Tudeley Brook sub-catchment Middle Medway Proposed View
Investigate options for fish passage at Palace Avenue weir Middle Medway Proposed View