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Medway Partnership actions tagged by South East Rivers Trust

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To restore the river to a more naturally functioning watercourse
Enhance river hydromorphology and biodiversity
Sub catchment Status
Habitat restoration on the River Bewl Teise View
Restore habitat at Harpers Weir Teise Completed View
Address over abstraction
Sub catchment Status
Raise awareness of sustainable water use by agriculture industry Middle Medway Proposed View
The river should support a mosaic of habitats with high biodiversity value
Improve condition and biodiversity of riparian areas
Sub catchment Status
Educate landowners on riparian habitats and water quality Middle Medway Proposed View
Establish community action groups to deliver the improvement plan Eden Proposed View
Eradicate and control Invasive non-native flora and fauna
Sub catchment Status
Delivery of the citizen science Riversearch initiative Eden Active View
Map mink presence in the sub-catchment Eden Proposed View
Eradicate Invasive Non-Native Species from the sub-catchment Eden Proposed View
To have an appropriate self-sustaining fish population
Understand the current and potential fish population
Sub catchment Status
Investigate fish populations within the River Bourne Middle Medway Proposed View
Address fish passage so fish can access appropriate habitats
Sub catchment Status
Creation of fish passage at Dairyhouse Weir Teise Completed View
Create fish passage at Gatehouse weir Teise Completed View
Create fish passage at New Lodge Weir Teise Completed View
To improve water quality
Improve awareness and understanding of water quality
Sub catchment Status
Promote best practice farming approaches Middle Medway Proposed View
Promote early engagement through working with local youth groups and Brownies / Scouts Eden Proposed View
Tackling Diffuse Pollution
Sub catchment Status
Investigate and initiate projects to address the 'un-favourable' - no change state of this SSSI. As a WFD waterbody, the Pond is at 'moderate status' Pressures include high sediment and nutrient load from the catchment and an unbalanced fish community within the pond itself Eden Active View
Sub catchment Status
Habitat restoration to help achieve Good Ecological Potential in the Hammer Stream Beult Proposed View
Improve fish passage at Harpers Weir Teise Completed View
To develop sustainable water management within the catchment
Reduce the impact of flooding
Sub catchment Status
Investigate NFM opportunities in the Eden Eden Planned View
To have communities that enjoy, engage with and protect the river
Ensure the river is well-valued and understood by the local community
Sub catchment Status
Commission a university study assessing the value of ecosystem services provided by the River Eden Eden Proposed View