Medway Action Plan

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The river should support a mosaic of habitats with high biodiversity value
Improve condition and biodiversity of riparian areas
Action Sub catchment Partners Status Activities
Identify potential for floodplain rehabilitation throughout the catchment Eden Active 0 View
Establish community action groups to deliver the improvement plan Eden Proposed 0 View


Catchment wide actions

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To have an appropriate self-sustaining fish population
Action Sub catchment Partners Status
Investigate Fish passage options on the River Bourne at Hadlow Middle Medway Proposed View
To develop sustainable water management within the catchment
Action Sub catchment Partners Status
Natural flood management at Pembury Woods to reduce flood risk downstream and offer additional benefits. Middle Medway Planned View
Develop a community flood warden network Eden Proposed View
Investigate NFM opportunities in the Eden Eden Planned View
Promote local early warning flood systems Eden Proposed View
Engage with local Authorities to discourage developments on floodplain Eden Planned View
To restore the river to a more naturally functioning watercourse
Action Sub catchment Partners Status
Investigate opportunities to de-culvert watercourses near Chiddingstone. Eden Planned View
Investigate fish passage throughout Eden catchment Eden Active View
Action Sub catchment Partners Status
Remove blockage at bridge in South Godstone to prevent repeat flooding events Eden Proposed View
To have communities that enjoy, engage with and protect the river
Action Sub catchment Partners Status
Recruit River Guardians/River Search volunteers to report/help clear litter and debris from the River Eden. Eden Planned View