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Medway Partnership actions tagged by Kent High Weald Partnership

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To restore the river to a more naturally functioning watercourse
Enhance river hydromorphology and biodiversity
Sub catchment Status
Restore habitat at Harpers Weir Teise Completed View
Adjustment to flow regimes from Bewl water Teise View
Habitat restoration on the River Bewl Teise Completed View
Small-scale river and riparian habitat enhancements to the rivers and streams on upstream tributary at Castle Maine Farm Teise Proposed View
Add woody debris and berm deflector to increase flow diversity at Bayham L'Eglise. Teise Completed View
Sub catchment Status
Habitat enhancement on the River Teise below Woodfall's weir to Medway confluence Teise View
Improve fish passage at Harpers Weir by removal of redundant structure Teise Completed View
To have an appropriate self-sustaining fish population
Address fish passage so fish can access appropriate habitats
Sub catchment Status
Develop fish passage projects within the Teise Teise Active View
The river should support a mosaic of habitats with high biodiversity value
Improve condition and biodiversity of riparian areas
Sub catchment Status
Tree planting to stabilise banks and improve habitat along the Eden Brook Eden Proposed View