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To have an appropriate self-sustaining fish population
Modify structures or install appropriate measures to allow eel passage
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Improve eel passage at Hawley gauging station Proposed Darent
Improve eel passage at Powder Mill Lane weir Completed Darent
Address fish passage so fish can access appropriate habitats
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
A number of redundant weirs have been identified through Brasted, these need assessing to see if they can be removed, or fish passage addressed at each. These include: Brasted Mill, Brasted Center Weir, Brasted Garden Weir, Jewsons Weir, Bypassed Weir upstream of Tanners Weir & Tanners Weir. Planned Darent View
Investigate options for fish passage through Otford Proposed Darent
Identify suitable options to address fish passage through Dartford Proposed Darent
Investigate fish passage at Otford. Proposed Darent
Create a bypass channel at Sundridge weir for fish passage Completed Darent
Investigate solutions for addressing culverted sections of river Proposed Darent
Deliver removal of Tanners Weir to address fish passage issues Proposed Darent
The river should support a mosaic of habitats with high biodiversity value
Protect and enhance the habitats of the river corridor & floodplain
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Tributaries draining the northern escarpment are ditched, disconnected from the main river channel offering poor habitats for freshwater ecology Proposed Darent View
Address low diversity habitats through the Upper Darent with simple in-channel enhancements, e.g. LWM. Proposed Darent View
Improve condition and biodiversity of riparian areas
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Deliver tree work at Shoreham to increase light levels to the channel Completed Darent
Deliver habitat enhancement above Sundridge Water Works Weir Proposed Darent
Deliver tree work and habitat enhancements at Brooklands Lakes Completed Darent
Deliver tree work upstream of Farningham to increase light to the channel Completed Darent
Eradicate and control Invasive non-native flora and fauna
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Expand the mink control programme within the catchment Proposed Darent
Deliver a coordinated approach to Invasive Non-Native Species control Proposed Darent
To develop sustainable water management within the catchment
Reduce the impact of flooding
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Identify Natural Flood Management opportunities within the Darent catchment Proposed Darent
Develop an Ecosystems services model for improved aquifer recharge
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Investigate options for improved aquifer recharge Proposed Darent
To have communities that enjoy, engage with and protect the river
Ensure the river is well-valued and understood by the local community
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Develop a citizen science project with the local community to provide intelligence on river issues. Proposed Darent
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Work with farming community to tackle diffuse pollution issues Proposed Darent
Raise awareness of activities that impact water quality Proposed Darent
Investigate improvement to fish passage and habitat enhancements through the Upper Darent Proposed Darent
To restore the river to a more naturally functioning watercourse
Enhance river hydromorphology and biodiversity
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Much of the Upper Darent is heavily shaded, reducing macrophyte (in-channel weed) growth, which provides habitat for fish and invertebrates. Proposed Darent View
Investigate reasons for and options for removal of concrete amourment of channel below the M26 bridge Proposed Darent
Restoration of the River Darent through Central Park by weir removal, channel narrowing to recreate chalk stream habitats. Active Darent View
habitat restoration (in-channel, riparian, associated floodplain meadows) to help achieve Good Ecological Status in the River Darent Proposed Darent View
To improve water quality
Tackling urban diffuse pollution
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Investigate mitigating water quality issues from motorway run-off Proposed Darent
Reduce agricultural diffuse pollution from entering the river
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Cattle poaching issue Proposed Darent View
Reduce water pollution
Action Partners Status Sub catchment
Address M25 road run-off with silt trap / wetland treatment train Proposed Darent View